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Banggai Cardinalfish – Pterapogon kauderni

"The Banggai Cardinalfish is a rare example of a marine fish with an extremely limited geographic range. This Endangered fish is endemic to the Banggai Archipelago in Indonesia; its total range area is around 5,500 km2, however the maximum potential habitat available within this range is about 34 km2. The Banggai Cardinalfish is highly prized in the aquarium trade and has been heavily exploited since 1994, resulting in an 89% reduction in population size from the start of aquarium fishery in 1995-1996 to 2007" This section was taken from the IUCN Red List of Threarened Species. I have read elsewhere that there is consideration of adding this animal to the CITES list of endangered species. but as of yet I do not see it listed. Most marine fish that are in the trade today are wild so be careful on your purchase of marine pets.   

The banggai cardinalfish, also called the longfin cardinalfish comes from Indonesia. They are a hardy fish and banggai cardinalfish are reef compatibleare good fish for the beginner. These fish are pretty disease resistant. Banggai cardinalfish are shoaling fish in the wild and keeping several together should not be a problem in large tank setups. This species of fish is a mouthbrooder – the males take care of the eggs.

Maximum Size: The banggai cardinalfish should grow to a maximum size of 3.0 inches

Minimum Tank Size:  The minimum tank size should be 20 gallons (this is considered small for multiple individuals of this species.

Care Level: The banggai cardinalfish is a very hardy fish to maintain. On a scale of 1 –10, (10 being easy) it would rate a “9”. The tank should already be cycled before introducing this fish.

Tank Conditions: Temperature 77-79°F; Specific gravity: 1.021 – 1.024; pH: 8.1 – 8.3; Nitrates should be no more than 20 ppm.

banggai cardinalfish grow to about three inchesColor: The banggai cardinalfish – as picture shows has one primary color broken up with white dots and bold black lines running vertical and along the fin edges.

Temperament: This is a good fish. It can ultimately become aggressive to other cardinalfishs of its kind. It is generally not aggressive. More than one can maintained, however, decorate the tank with plenty of live rock layered with plenty of nooks for hiding – also if you do house multiple individuals you will need a large tank – stock using the guide of 1 inch of fish for every 12 inches of tank. A cardinalfish may aggressively defend its spot is the tank.

Reef Compatible: Will do well in a reef aquarium.

Diet: The banggai cardinalfish is basically a carnivore such as brine-shrimp, plankton, clams, mussels, and squid. Feed dried and frozen fish food.

Habitat: Provide with plenty of hiding places. Good water circulation is important as well as high quality water maintenance. Filtration should include a protein skimmer and activated carbon filtration.

Lighting: Depending on the tank setup you desire. The banggai cardinalfish needs no special setup

Compatibility: Cardinalfish in general can be kept with, catfish, filefish, firefish, gobies, rabbitfish to name a few and they should not be housed with groupers, sharks, lionfish or rays and can be a problem if housed with damselfish, grammas, and triggerfish.

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